Sukkot Family Feud – Activity for all ages


To explore the various values, themes, and riutals of sukkot.

To learn in a fun and creative way.

To encourage participants to work together in solving questions


Ages 8 and up, adaptable for younger with different questions.

Good for intergenerational and adult program as well.


Flexible, 15 – 30 minutes.


Questions Sheet (attached)

2 Dry Erase Board & markers


1) Divide the Group into teams of approx 5 – 7 people. (traditionally, family fued is played with two teams. If your group is small enough, use this model)

2) Direct teams to choose a team / family name

3) Ask a question, first hand silently up gets a chance to answer without help from there team.

4) If they answer correctly, the team gets another chance to guess, this time they can work together to find an answer..

5) On dry erase board number #1 record the score in the round. Total of all answers complete in that round.

6) Contiue till the team gets an anwer wrong. Then move to another team.

7) Direct them to answer the question. if they get one anwer right. They get all the point won in that round.

8) Keep score on the second dry erase board.

9) Bonus points – if answers remain, players may guess at the final answers for bonus point as indicated in the answer (If you are short on time, just reveal these answers and move on to the next question.

10) Repeat from step 3 with another question.

Materials developed by Noam Dolgin,

All content is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (Ie. Tell other where you got it from and don't sell it)

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