Teaching #18: The Glory in Creation Valuing Biodiversity

Core Teaching #18: The Glory in Creation Valuing Biodiversity

We live in an amazingly diverse world, with approximately 8.3 million unique species described by scientists, and likely twice that number that have not yet been discovered. Jewish sources teach that G-d has joy in the diversity and continuity of creation, and that G-d sees a purpose in each of these species. This biodiversity is an expression of G-d’s glory, a testament to the extraordinary creativity of our Creator.

Our tradition has a tremendous sense of appreciation for the diverse and numerous species on this earth. In addition, we benefit from and can learn a great deal from other species. As human beings, masters and stewards of the world, it is our responsibility to support the continuity of this diverse and extraordinary creation. Recognizing this should impel us to utilize the natural world with great care and responsibility.

The Glory in Creation: Valuing Biodiversity

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