Zionist Eco-Dilemmas

Zionist Eco-Dilemmas

by Noam Dolgin and Becca Weaver


Ages 12 and up


It is helpful to put each dilemma on a card.


1) Break the participants into groups of 3-5 and hand each group a card. They should:

a) Read and discuss the dilemma.

b) Figure out what ecological and Jewish issues are involved.

c) Come up with a solution, or choose an answer to the dilemma. (the group does not have to agree)

4) Depensing on time, rotate cards so that each groups gets to discuss a number of the dilemmas

5) After the final card, have each group present their final dilemma and explain their discussion & decisions.

Materials developed by Noam Dolgin and Becca Weaver

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