I avoid using disposable products as much as possible.

I got some pretty cloth napkins in different colors from Bed Bath and Beyond near Lincoln Center here in Manhattan so we don't have to use paper napkins anymore. While I was there, I also picked up some extra (also pretty) dishtowels so we don't have to use paper towels to clean up messes anymore. Yes, these items have to be washed in the laundry but they don't take up that much extra space- Just stick 'em in a load you're already doing anyway.

Also, check out these water bottles: http://flylady.net/pages/FlyShop_swb.asp . They're expensive for a water bottle but so worth it- it's the only water bottle I've ever had that doesn't sweat and also doesn't leak water if turned upside down. Also it keeps your water cold for hours!

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