Environmental Tip of the Week: Support efforts to conserve marine environments!

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You can provide financial support toward this goal and have a fun, educational experience at the same time by visiting an aquarium and paying the admission fee. My husband, baby Rena, father-in-law, and step-mother-in-law had a wonderful time on Sunday at the Seattle Aquarium. Rena got to hold a starfish and play with felt sea creatures. There were so many pretty fish, and the exhibits were arranged quite artistically! It's my favorite aquarium so far. If you're not in Seattle, check out a local aquarium. Israel has multiple aquariums, Chicago has the Shedd Aquarium and Cincinnati (really northern Kentucky) has the Newport Aquarium, for example. Hubby says the Seattle Aquarium was nothing compared to those he visited in Florida. I'll have to check them out if I can get there.

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