Freedom Fruits

Are you feeling free?

I am today cause it's my birthday and I'm feeling glad to be born and feeling too that this year it coincides with true growth.

We are growing and I'm breathing more and taking time to look at the sky amidst the craziness, taking time to be disappointed and to smile through it.

The sunshine came down in to our garden before Pessach with plenty dandelions all over part B of the Kalisher Community Garden (that’s in the works…) So many edible wild flowers – time for a grand feast!

And so it was my friends, down came the wonderful master of wild edibles and spread his lovely stories and knowledge to the community. The kids headed out with bowls that were filled in with greens and yellows and the mamas and papas making Hubeza Latkes in the field kitchen with dandelion green salad on the side…

Don't forget to add to your visuals some lively Ethio-music and a desert spring sunset.

We try to have good times.. Come join us next time..

And some dues from March – I promised to tell you all about

The Environmental Street Party

Celebrating life without consuming it..

Purim is a time of joy and craziness and a lot of this energy has been channeled in the past years into big merchandised Purim parades that leave behind stringlets of festivities, junk chunks of jubilation and empty pockets…

Here in Be’er-Sheva it’s the second year that we are offering an alternative to all of that. A cooperation of several organizations and local businesses that bring a central street in a small neighborhood alive with sound jives, creativity spots and activism opportunities.

This Adloyada has brought together for the second year local residents, university students and offers a platform for environmental and social organizations to increase their crowd of activists.

This year beyond the happy grand dancing in the streets there was also our stand that gives the full story of how to compost, a mini organic farmers market, an arts & crafts corner for recycled decorations and masks and more.

I believe there is never just one way, to work, to create, to live. So it is part of our sustainable agenda to provide alternatives to the mainstream and new options beyond the mind numbing commercial craze.

Next up –

The end of May 24thtill 26th– Here it comes… The Ecothiopia Festival!!

Yes, Eco-thiopia is indeed a celebration of ecology and Ethiopian culture out in the garden, open to the neighborhood and whoever never got a chance to get a close up look at Ethiopian dancing, food and art. We're gonna have live Ethiopian music, local dancing groups, art on display, tours of the community garden, Shekel exchange market and whatever else the community decides to provide.

Oh man this festival was so great 2 years ago we're really looking forward to celebrate biodiversity and cultural diversity from within…!

Be free and jump up without fear

Hag Sameach!

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