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Freedom Fruits

Are you feeling free? I am today cause it's my birthday and I'm feeling glad to be born and feeling too that this year it coincides with true growth. We are growing and I'm breathing more and taking time to look at the sky amidst the craziness, taking time to be disappointed and to smile through it. The sunshine came down in to our garden before Pessach with plenty dandelions all over part B of the Kalisher Community Garden ...

Urban Crayola tools

Oh wow..! What a day it was… we started early morn the truck arrives with trees and bougainvilleas in all rainbow shades that lift our hearts already. The new immigrants coming straight from Ulpan (Hebrew class) folding sleeves and starting to work the staff from Netafim (a big local-based and international irrigation company) that have been aiding us from day one and have agreed to come and pitch in. It’s happening at last – we are growing ...

Setting Strong Roots – an ongoing story of growth

“So where should I dig?” “Svalo! Wait! Not there... that’s where the new plots are going to be we’re digging now for the live hedge... Don’t worry there are 30 pits to dig for 30 beautiful bougainvilleas…” So yes it’s happening - the “Setting Strong Roots” Community Garden will be doubling its size this month which means 30 more plots are added to the existing 50 plots! The community is in full action, last time we ...