Last Day to Order Free Haggadot

Good Chodesh! Today is Rosh Chodesh Shevat; according to Beit Shammai, THIS is the new year of the trees! In any case, we wish you a good and green new month. Tu b'Shevat is in just two weeks, on Tuesday-Wednesday February 7-8!

Olive tree graphicToday is the final deadline for orders of free haggadot this year.

You can order up to 25 Haggadot absolutely free by posting your request on our facebook page.

  • Please post the number of haggadot you are requesting, your location, and the community where the materials will be used.
  • Then, send a message via facebook to Evonne Marzouk with your address details.

Don't have a facebook account? New! Another way to participate is by joining Jewcology, the new web portal for the global Jewish environmental community, and posting on our Canfei Nesharim page there.

(This social media thing isn't a gimmick. It really does help us for you to post on our Jewcology or Facebook pages! Thanks for your participation.)

A few notes on this offer:

Looking for ideas and resources? Great materials available on our Tu b'Shevat Site!

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