Environmental Tip of the Week: 1.3 billion chickens

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I received the following email from Environment America:

1.3 billion chickens. 62 million hogs. 18 million head of cattle. Those are just some of the animals living in factory farms in the U.S. And these animals create more waste each year than the top 100 American cities combined.
Help us clean up factory farms.
"Ticking time bombs of manure" — that’s the description Karen Hudson, a resident of Elmwood, Illinois, gave to factory farms when one spewed two million tons of raw, toxic manure near her home after a heavy rain.
This waste is revolting, and contaminates waterways nationwide — but the Obama administration has the authority to clean up these farms right now.
Sign our petition to President Obama to clean up these dirty operations today.
The simple truth is that millions of gallons of manure, microbes and antibiotics shouldn't be kept in open pits, just one heavy rainstorm away from contaminating nearby waterways.
Tell President Obama to clean up factory farms today to protect our waters tomorrow.
Margie Alt
Executive Director

Note from me: Apologies for neglecting this blog. It's called "Environmental Tip of the Week" which implies I should be writing here weekly. I will try to do so, going forward.

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