Hurricane Harvey Should Be a Wake-up Call to the Urgency of Working to Avert a Climate Catastrophe
The catastrophic effects of Hurricane and now Tropical Storm Harvey should be the latest and strongest of wakeup-calls to the fact that the world is heading toward a climate catastrophe.
Of course there have always been severe storms, but we have now had three (Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey) in 13 years, whereas in the past they may have happened once in 100 years or more.
There are three important climate change factors that are making storms more severe, and they are all increasing:
1. Warmer air holds more moisture;
2. the seas have risen which increases storm surges;
3. The waters are warmer, which adds more energy to storms.
Here is a link to my article published in the Jerusalem Post that discusses the seriousness of climate threats and the importance of shifts toward vegan diets in efforts to avert a aclimate catastrophe.
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