Strategy ideas to get Veganism and related issues onto the agenda of the upcoming climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland

Strategy ideas to get Veganism and related issues onto the agenda of the upcoming climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland

I think it is urgent that shifts toward vegan diets as a way to reduce climate threats be on the UN Glasgow Climate Conference agenda, as part of efforts to make the conference a turning point in efforts to avert a climate catastrophe.

As stressed in the recently published book, “Food Is Climate Change,” the best and arguably the only way to avert a climate catastrophe is to have a societal shift toward vegan diets. This would not only sharply reduce emissions of methane, a very potent greenhouse gas with up to 120 times the heating capacity of CO2 per unit weight in heating the world, but would also provide opportunities to plant BILLIONS of trees on the over a third of the world’s ice free land currently being used for grazing and growing feed crops for farmed animals. This could result in a decrease from the current 420 parts per million of atmospheric CO2 to a much safer value below 350 ppm, sharply reducing climate threrats    .

A link to my review of ”Food Is Climate Change,” which is in the latest Jerusalem Report, is below.
 Here are some strategy ideas:

Place an ad in a publication related to the conference.
Produce a banner and place it in a place where many delegates would see it.
Try to get conference organizers to have a panel session on dietary connections to climate change.
If they don’t, try to organize such a session.
Stage demonstrations.
Ask respectful but challenging questions at panel discussions.
Engage in many personal conversations with conference delegates, presenting our very strong case.
Seek endorsements from Glasgow clergy members and other leaders and other influential people.
Produce flyers and distribute them very widely at the conference.
Use social media; set up a website, a WhatsApp group, a Facebook page and other social media outlets.
I would be happy to have complimentary PDFs of the complete text and cover picture of my latest book, VEGAN REVOOUTION, emailed to delegates, if that can be done.
Have a fund raising drive, with donations to be used for this overall initiative.

Please email me other suggestions at VeggieRich@gmail.com

 Additional suggestions are very welcome.

 Please let me know what you think.

Many thanks,

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