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Topsy Turvy Bus gets a Tour of American Hebrew Academy’s Geothermal Campus; Congo Line Ensues

My favorite part of being a Teva Topsy Turvy Bus Educator is getting to interact with incredible Jewish communities throughout the country. From the Jewish Farm School Retreat to Chabad of Key West, from Miami community preschools to GW University Hillel, we have had the opportunity to teach and learn from thousands of eager, intelligent young people hoping to redesign human impact on the creation. We have found community after community psyched to ...

Welcome to Miami

This is our first post to, but not the first of our tour. To read our previous posts, go to But then come back here! Welcome to Miami The Sunshine State is no lie. Since we arrived in this tropical paradise both the weather and the people have been warm, bright, and sunny. In fact, this Topsy Turvy Educator, while clamboring over seven-foot-high-snow banks this winter back in New ...

So what’s going on here, anyways?

The Teva Learning Center is North America's foremost Jewish Environmental Education Institute. Working with Jewish Day Schools, Congregational Schools, Synagogues, camps, and youth groups, Teva's programs touch the lives of over 6,000 participants of all denominations annually. The Teva Learning Center is a program of Surprise Lake Camp. The Teva Bus Tour takes the Teva Learning Center on the road, bringing communities together in ...