Reduce, Reuse, Recycle This Purim

Tips to reduce waste this Purim!

– Avoid individually wrapped candies. No one needs 50 Reeses peanut butter cups and 65 Kit Kats a month before Pesach.
– Make smaller Mishloach Manot with a couple more expensive (or homemade) goodies. It costs the same or less as a lot of junk, and is often appreciated more.

– Use cheap Tupperware to hold Mishloach Manot. It looks nice, is reusable, and will keep your baked goods fresh without using plastic bags. Check Odd Lot or your local 99 cent store.
– Use paper decorated by your children, comics, and old wrapping paper to package your treats. Your kids can even decorate the paper while you cook and prepare. It will keep them busy, add a personal touch, and reuse resources.

– Divide all packaging material received into paper, plastic, and tin. Whatever can not be reused should be recycled appropriately. Check with your local municipality for what can be recycled.


This content originated at Canfei

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