The Trees Sang with Joy: Action Suggestions

The Trees Sang with Joy: Action Suggestions

The actions suggestions below follow on from Jonathan Neril's article: The Trees Sang with Joy.

Using Wood Toward a Higher Goal

Here are some suggestions for using our wood resources responsibly:

· Commit to being in nature one day a month, and for ten minutes of that day, try to listen to the song of the trees..

· Buy wood exclusively from producers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Information is available at

· Receive only the mail you want and need. Cancel (much of) the junk mail you receive by going to

· View your bills online. That includes phone, bank, electricity, cell phone, water, and other bills. Arrange with each of these institutions for them to send you only an e-bill.

· Read news and magazines online and cancel the daily newspaper and monthly magazine subscription

· Borrow books from friends libraries instead of buying them.

· Plant and tend your own fruit trees.

· If you use firewood, cut down a tree or branch on your own property for this use.

· When asked 'paper or plastic,' say neither. Tell them you brought your own bag or can put the item in your backpack.

· Live in a smaller house. Think of all the wood you save by not building those extra rooms.

· Buy products in bulk. Doing so requires less packaging, much of which is paper.

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