There’s Light.

We love this time of year. The opportunity to share special moments with family, lighting candles, eating latkes, and sharing special community celebrations. As we come together to celebrate happy moments, Chanukah is a great time to share Torah learning and to remember to be mindful of our energy actions.

Chanukah reminds us that even when things may seem dark, there's light. To share the light this year, Canfei Nesharim's website features the following resources:

The Miracle of the Vessels, a Torah teaching to learn with your family and community, with source sheet and discussion questions.

The Wisdom of Olive Oil, a printable fact sheet with energy facts and Torah teachings about our use of oil.

Songs and kids' activities to brighten your Chanukah party.

And much more!

Check out all of our Chanukah resources today!

(Hint, hint… all we want for Chanukah is a successful 2012! Give a Chanukah gift to support Canfei Nesharim here.)

Psst! We wanted to remind you that Tu b'Shevat is just 6 weeks after Chanukah! This year, the Jewish "New Year of the Trees" falls on Tuesday-Wednesday February 7-8.

Now is the time to start thinking about preparing your own community projects for Tu b'Shevat. It's time to build your planning committee and put your event on the community calendar. Just think of us as a "little birdy" (or maybe an eagle) calling to remind you.

Looking for ideas and resources? Great materials available on our Tu b'Shevat Site! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn and educate your community about our Jewish responsibility to protect the environment!

Wishing you a joyous and bright Chanukah!

Connecting traditional Torah texts with contemporary scientific findings, Canfei Nesharim educates and empowers Jewish individuals, organizations and communities to take an active role in protecting the environment, in order to build a more sustainable world.

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