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A selection of initiatives, blogs, resources and communities on Jewcology which focus on Jewish holidays.


May It Be Enough

May It Be Enough I have always loved the part of the Pesach Seder when we go through Dayenu. I think the fact that the prayer is so fun for children who get to take their voices from a whisper up to a roar makes it one of those moments every year that brings years of Pesach memories flashing back. However, as I have grown older I tend to focus on the word itself: Dayenu. I think the idea of being thankful for every step that the Jews took as they were able to leave Egypt, make their way towards Sinai to receive the Torah, and then into the Promised Land ...

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Think Globally, Act Locally, and Increase Happiness

Shalom Friends, The days approaching Purim are an auspicious time for increasing happiness. Happiness can be experienced in any number of ways. There are those who draw joy from observing our beautiful world alive with spring blossoms. Others find sparks of pleasure in the small details of daily life. And, of course, there are those who glimpse joy in the increasing social-environmental action in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. Recently, I have found great joy in a unique Teva Ivri activity – a joint seminar for the principals of Kiryat ...

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Raise Your Mask Purim – The Fountainheads

An a capella Purim music video parody by The Fountainheads. Graduates and students of Midreshet Ein Prat, Israel Based on Pink's "Raise Your Glass." All sounds made with voice and mouth. Vocals: Yoav Hoze, Shani Lachmish, Ayelet Beazley, Tamar Gur, and Noa Yammer. Choreography: Edeete Suher and Orna Pfefferman Produced by Shiran Yalovich, Smadar Tsook, Keren Apfelbaum, and Stav Taub. Film by Ben R. Lyrics by Ben R. and Ari L.: ...

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Celebrate a Sustainable Purim!

Purim falls this year on March 20. Joyful and fun, the holiday also includes an opportunity to share your environmental commitments with your community. To help you save resources this Purim, Canfei Nesharim offers great ideas for healthy, beautiful, waste-free mishloach manot. Includes price-coded links for inexpensive and eco-friendly products that you might like to include in your mishloach manot package! You can also take advantage of our printable mishloach manot cards. Share your eco-commitment by dropping an eco-reminder into this year's ...

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Moving the Jewish Community Beyond Tu B’Shvat on Environmental Issues

As a freelance Jewish environmental educator, the 2 weeks surrounding Tu B’shvat might be considered my high holidays. This year I will be teaching in 4 cities, 3 synagogues, and 11 supplemental and day schools in just that window. Yet in the two months following I only have a few random teaching engagements. While those of us in the Jewish environmental field have moved beyond just Tu B’shvat as the core of our work, the remainder of the Jewish world continues to see this one day as their only opportunity to teach Jewish environmental values. So here ...

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